16-Year-Old Efthymios Savvidis Takes Social Media Marketing by Storm

| April 23, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Social media marketing is definitely among the newest trends these days. It is a new form of marketing that has transformed the way businesses advertise their services and products. Social media marketing capitalizes on the various social media platforms to promote products and services. Though widely viewed as a new marketing concept, the old marketing techniques still apply and play a crucial role. Unlike mainstream media advertising, social media marketing enables businesses to reach their audience in a targeted way. The rise of social media marketing has created a whole new career opportunity for social media influencers.

Efthymios, a 16-year-old from Greece is among the many social media marketers winning big in the industry. Only a teenager, He is already attracting clients through social media. He uses his Instagram account as a marketing platform to offer his clients much-needed social media marketing services. By capitalizing on his Instagram network, Efthymioshelps his clients market and grow their brands online. Currently, he is working with individuals, companies, and businesses to advertise their products and services. He is also working with multiple celebrities and Instagram models to help them build and establish their brands and help them grow their social media presence.

Most of his clients are attracted to his services as they guarantee amazing results. Efthymios mentions that people will gradually begin to get in touch with you once you have built a positioning as a prominent social media marketer. He adds that this may take time, but when you are persistent, things start to happen. People want to be associated with brands that are marketed well and popular among audiences they associate themselves with.

Efthymios has established a name for himself in social media marketing. He identifies his biggest secret to success being the desire and determination to learn new things. He began by learning how the Instagram algorithm works, how to attract a bigger audience to his account, and how to start gaining more Instagram followers. This knowledge helped him make a name for himself in social media marketing and now every individual and business wants to make use of his services.

His greatest mistake in his career was trusting people he should not have in the first place. This taught him that not everybody out there wants the best for you. Some are there to distract and destroy your progress. He has since learned from his mistake, and now he is on the right track to success. He loves what he does and sees it far better than being employed working on a 9-5 job and stuck in a routine. As a social media marketer, he must keep improving himself to identify new trends and ways in which he can help his clients.

According to Efthymios, the most significant challenge an individual faces in a solo business is finding the motivation to get things done. If you are interested in availing of social media marketing services from Efthymios Savvidis or want to follow him in his journey, you can get in touch with him on Instagram.

Photography by: Efthymios Savvidis