3 Keys to Luxury Real Estate Success

By Coldwell Banker Global Luxury By Coldwell Banker Global Luxury | December 15, 2023 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

We talked to Glennda Baker, a superstar agent with Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® in Atlanta, about how she’s grown her business.

In the world of luxury real estate, there are many players with many different tactics to get to the top. From large-scale property video productions to social media presence, luxury real estate agents pull out all the stops when it comes to helping buyers and sellers realize their goals. For one Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialist, Glennda Baker, short-form social media videos have skyrocketed her business. We sat down with her to learn the tips and tricks that have brought her luxury real estate success in Atlanta.

Key to Success #1: Relatability and Reliability
When Baker started her social media journey, she was making live videos in her car—it doesn’t get more real or raw than that. Upon recognizing the potential that short-form videos have, she jumped into the format with the same level of authenticity and honesty as her live videos. The conversational nature of Baker’s content creates the feel that she is sharing advice with a friend, making them easily digestible and unpretentious. Through sharing personal anecdotes, Baker’s audience gets to know her and connect with her virtually. This sense of trust and transparency is crucial when building a social media presence, according to Baker. Consistency is another key factor to creating a community on social media, and with videos posted nearly every day, Baker’s audience can always count on a steady stream of new content.

Key to Success #2: Visibility and Value
With videos directed toward buyers, sellers and other agents, Baker’s advice is supported by years of experience. Rather than focusing on virality or shock value, Baker prioritizes creating content that is valuable to her viewers and pushing that content out to reach a large audience—an approach that many successful social media influencers swear by. To understand what kind of content viewers are drawn to, Baker recommends thinking through these three questions: What would you tell your best friend about real estate? What would you tell your best client about real estate? What would you tell your therapist about real estate? According to Baker, if an agent’s content falls into one of these three categories, they’re on the road to success.

Key to Success #3: Community and Connections
When it comes to real estate, connections are everything. That’s why Baker was drawn to working with Coldwell Banker Global Luxury®—with a robust network of agents across the globe, the support they provide their agents and the quality of the company enticed her. With access to countless buyers, sellers and other agents, Glennda is able to leverage not only her personal brand, but the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program when doing business. These global connections, coupled with the community she cultivates on social media, are what makes Baker one of the most successful real estate agents in Atlanta.

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