New-Age Museum Concept Artechouse Opens Its Doors In Miami Beach

Luis R. Rigual | May 8, 2019 | Lifestyle


Artechouse founders Tati Pastukhova and Sandro Kereselidze

Anyone who grew up going to museums knows about the “look but don’t touch” rule that dominates every visit. But Artechouse, a new experiential gallery in Miami Beach, seems intent to abstain from such tenets. Like its Washington, D.C., predecessor, the space was designed to present new media artworks via interactive sensory experiences that promote curiosity—even if that means touching. “Our goal is to make an impact on the art scene by introducing the ultimate platform for 21st-century artists who use technology as a medium to create, and a new-age destination for arts and technology,” says Tati Pastukhova, who founded the concept with her husband, Sandro Kereselidze. “Art should evolve alongside science, culture and technology, and offer new visions and new forms that are reflective of our times.” So goes the mission for Artechouse’s inaugural exhibition, XYZT Abstract Landscapes, a series of immersive installations by Adrien M. and Claire B. that feature floors that react to footsteps and light particles in a giant digital cube that can be manipulated by touch. “We want to bring new forms of creative expression to life in order to educate and empower future generations,” says Kereselidze. “We believe working across disciplines and media is the best way to represent the complex world we live in.” 736 Collins Ave., Miami Beach,


Photography by: Workshop Collection/ By Greg Powers