Advertising and Media Solutions Have Changed Considerably Over the Past Few Decades, Says Marty Evan Jacobs

| May 14, 2021 | Sponsored Post


Expensive ad campaigns and lengthy market studies are a thing of the past. Today, all a business needs is social media to gain valuable customer feedback, showcase service skills, and find out what customers are buying. Analog activities have shifted to digital, and Marty Evan Jacobs is standing by to help organizations achieve their goals.

Something that sets Jacobs apart as a digital marketer is his desire and focus on assisting small businesses. Smaller companies hail the price efficiency of social media as advertising that was once out of reach but is now the de-facto standard. No more expensive print materials and bombastic ad campaigns, a few well-thought postings on social media can carry a message further than paper ever hoped to.

The overall effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of social media have been welcome by many organizations. They are still running marketing campaigns, just ones with a farther reach and a lower price tag. Businesses reach out to Jacobs since he scaled his passion - fishing, into an engaging Instagram page complete with photos, videos, and graphics of fishing trips and what they yielded.

These visuals captured fishing trips in a very engaging manner, and Jacobs watched his engagement increase by a whopping 1000%. When this happened, he realized he wanted to help others achieve the same exponential growth. After learning skills in social media marketing, search engine optimization, and digital engagement, Jacobs launched Columbia Marketing to offer small businesses assistance in achieving similar growth.

Marty Jacobs has since moved on to Astra Media but has the same hopes of helping smaller companies scale and expand their professional footprint through social media. He loves sharing organizational stories as he feels it can help businesses thrive and grow. He sees his work as investing in new endeavors, and it is just one facet of his preference to help Main Street rather than Wall Street.

Photography by: Marty Jacobs