Author of Sex And The City Candace Bushnell Talks Her Latest Tome

Luis R. Rigual | September 16, 2019 | People


Writer Candace Bushnell

Author Candace Bushnell is back in the literary spotlight with Is There Still Sex in the City? ($26, Grove Atlantic), a story about six female friends navigating the world of relationships that’s filled with Bushnell’s satirical commentaries on the dating habits of middle-aged men and women. As she prepares for her Miami visit to promote the book, we couldn’t help but wonder...


One of the main themes in this book is the elusive pursuit of youth. How extreme are middle-aged women these days in that regard?
Honestly, not more extreme than anyone else in society. The biggest clients of Botox are 20-somethings.

Tell us about the Mona Lisa treatment.
Well, it’s a laser used inside your vagina to restore elasticity, and it’s pretty much the same thing people use in their face to restore collagen and thickness. I heard of a man who had gotten his wife the treatment and it worked really well until she realized she wanted a younger partner.

Another main theme in the book is female friendships. What have you learned about this over the years?
That you have to be real and make time. Women lose touch with their friends when they get married and have kids, and this book is about women coming back together.

You’re visiting Miami later this month. What are your memories of the city?
Well, they’re not memories. I come to Miami quite a bit. My boyfriend has a place there. I love the boardwalk on South Beach and Joe’s Stone Crab, of course. It’s a great city.

Many years ago, there was a party here in which you famously jumped into the pool fully dressed. Do you recall that?
[Laughs] Oh, yes, that was a party for my book Four Blondes at the home of Brian... Brian Antoni! I definitely remember it. Those were the wild days. That was a fun night.

Sept. 19, 6pm, Center Courtyard, Bal Harbour Shops, 9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour, 305.866.0311; Sept. 20, 5:30pm, Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables, 305.442.4408,


Photography by: anna maguire