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BY Luis R. Rigual | April 24, 2018 | Feature Features National

Eating right, exercising and choosing the right products are essential when it comes to optimal health and beauty. For proof, look no further than our four subjects and the must-haves and philosophies they swear by.

Doris Glenn Richards
To look and feel good, this fashion entrepreneur believes variety is key.

There’s probably nothing related to fitness that Doris Glenn Richards, the powerhouse behind the new Sexy Sweaties athleisure brand, doesn’t already know. “I moved to South Florida to train with Olympic coaches for springboard diving and went on to win three national championship titles,” she says. “I would train six days a week for six hours each day.” Although that regimen is behind her, the lessons it taught her are not. “My body craves intensity and frequency when it comes to exercise,” she says. “I don’t stick to one thing. Kickboxing, tennis, horseback riding... I do it all.” And it shows. Richards understands that she’s selling health, so looking, feeling and knowing the part are key. She’s conscious but not fanatic about eating right (“I just listen to my body”), and she’s savvy in regards to beauty regimens and products, opting for top-of-the-line everything. As she likes to put it, “It can only help.”

1 “I always wear my Nike Apple watch when I’m running outdoors. I chose the black style so it would match with everything.” Apple Watch Series 3, from $1,299, Apple stores

2 “Fleur Narcotique is a very sensual scent, but appropriate for everyday use.” Fleur Narcotique eau de parfum, from $225, by Ex Nihilo at Saks Fifth Avenue stores

3 “I have my La Prairie eye and lip compact with me all the time. It has eye gel and protective lip balm that I use throughout the day.” Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Perfection à Porter, $184, by La Prairie at Nordstrom stores

4 “Music is a must when working out. I put on my AirPods and tune out the world.” Wireless AirPods, $129, Apple stores

5 “When I want a little something extra in terms of nutrition, I incorporate The Super Elixir supplement into my morning routine. I take it before my coffee.” The Super Elixir, $135, by WelleCo at Gee Beauty, Miami Beach

Michael Saiger
When it comes to fitness, nutrition and grooming, the founder of Miansai plays it smart.

Tall, lean and inherently stylish, Michael Saiger is the perfect spokesperson for his elegant and minimalist Miansai brand of jewelry and accessories, a company that has grown exponentially since its start just a few years ago. But looking his best is not just about good genes and nice threads. “I normally hit the gym at least four times a week and I run almost every day, too,” he says. “I usually get in five to seven miles a day... and I also walk or bike to work regularly.” Smart nutrition—thanks to a vegetable-heavy diet—takes care of the rest. “Having a healthy lifestyle has always been one of my top priorities,” he adds. Grooming is not left to chance, of course. Saiger is well versed in serums, tonics and fragrances, but his secret weapon is really not a secret at all. “Sunblock,” he says. “You just don’t live in Miami without it.”

1 “My Miansai Duval duffel is the perfect gym bag because it’s made of sturdy leather and it’s the ideal size for all my workout essentials.” Duval duffel, $695, miansai.‌com

2 “Coqui Coqui’s Tabaco is my fragrance because it’s very masculine, but not too overpowering. It’s a subtle, intriguing scent.” Tabaco eau de cologne, $92, coquicoqui.‌com

3 “I did a lot of research before finally getting the Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones and it paid off. These stay in my ear while I’m running no matter what.” SoundSport Free wireless headphones, $200,

4 “I spend a lot of time outside, so sunblock is a must. La Roche-Posay sunscreens have a lot of important ingredients that other run-of-the-mill brands do not.” Anthelios sport activewear lotion sunscreen, $30,

5 “My company Miansai did a collaboration with Tokyobike and that’s the bike I use when I go cycling.” Miansai x Tokyobike Classic Sport bicycle, $2,545, Miansai, 305.375.8132

Dr. Amar Rajadhyaksha
This physician understands that healthy habits make for a happy life.

An orthopedic spinal surgeon, Dr. Amar Rajadhyaksha knows life is all about balance, and the man certainly practices what he preaches. “Wellness is what I deal in all day, every day,” he says. “When you are healthy and you look good, you feel good. It breeds positivity and productivity.” Rajadhyaksha stays positive and productive with a busy practice where he’s designing a multidisciplinary approach to the prevention of spinal injuries, as well as a strict fitness regimen that includes heavy weights, TRX, paddleboarding and cycling. “I like to keep my body guessing, so it’s important to change it up,” he adds. As far as eating goes? “As much organic as possible and nothing processed,” he says. “High protein, low carb... and I swear by avocados.” The one must in his grooming ritual? “It’s simple,” he says. “Always moisturize.”

1 “The Powerbeats earphones by Dr. Dre are light, sound great and never slip out of my ear. Plus, they block all background noise to help me stay focused during my workouts.” Powerbeats3 wireless earphones, $160, by Dr. Dre at

2 “The argan oil in Oribe’s Gold Lust shampoo makes my hair feel amazing and the cypress scent wakes me up in the morning.” Gold Lust shampoo, $49, by Oribe at Nordstrom stores

3 “The Italian design of the Acqua di Parma shaving brush makes it easy to hold and the bristles move on my face so smoothly, it’s impossible to get razor bumps.” Collezione Barbiere shaving kit, $810, Acqua di Parma, Brickell City Centre

4 “Vodka on the Rocks is my signature scent because I love the masculine notes of coriander, cardamom and red berries.” Vodka on the Rocks, from $295,

5 “My favorite sneakers are by APL. They’re amazing for balance and extremely sturdy for deadlifts at the gym.” Techloom Pro sneaker, $250,

Alice Garretti
Balanced meals, fun exercise and no-fuss products keep this busy mom in top shape.

As the event planner for Sant Ambroeus Hospitality Group and wife to La Centrale co-founder Jacopo Giustiniani, Alice Garretti understands culinary temptation all too well. “We eat out six nights a week,” she says. “My trick is to have two healthy meals a day so I can cheat at dinner. Breakfast is fresh fruits with raw honey. Lunch is cereal or a salad. That’s just the way it is.” To counterbalance those evenings of pasta and wine, Garretti sweats out the extra calories with regular tennis and boxing. “Exercise has to be something I look forward to,” she adds. “I’d fall asleep in a yoga class.” As it relates to beauty and grooming, she credits her mother with teaching her the essentials: “Never leave the house with chipped nail polish or sweatpants unless you’re going to the gym.” Top-notch products help, of course. “I am a working mother of two, so I need results,” she says. “I listen to advice... but I follow my instincts.”

1 “I’m not sure what they put in this cleansing balm by Elemis, but it makes my skin smooth and bouncy, and it smells like you just stepped into a spa.” Pro-Collagen cleansing balm, $64, by Elemis at Nordstrom stores

2 “I apply Tata Harper’s face moisturizer every night before I go to bed. It’s a must in my skin regimen.” Rebuilding moisturizer, $105, by Tata Harper at Neiman Marcus stores

3 “This MAC powder smooths the skin and hides all sorts of imperfections without being too heavy.” Mineralize Skinfinish powder, $34, MAC stores

4 “I was a Coppertone kind of girl until a good friend got me hooked on Avène sunblock. Now, it’s impossible to go back.” Hydrating sunscreen lotion, $30, aveneusa.‌com

5 “I’m a big fan of Adidas by Stella McCartney workout gear. Sneakers don’t get more comfortable than that.” White Ultraboost sneaker, price upon request, similar styles at Adidas by Stella McCartney, Lincoln Road

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