Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Ambassador Aylin Pelin Onar Sells the Hidden Gem of the Mediterranean

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One of the most unique properties Aylin Pelin Onar is working with features extraordinary custom design details.

Situated on a lush island right below Turkey, Northern Cyprus is characterized by sandy beaches, sloping mountains and ancient cities. The island’s exquisite terrain is complemented by a rich culture with delicious cuisine, hillside vineyards, local boutiques and, the epicenter of entertainment in Northern Cyprus, casinos.

These enticing features attract tourists and investors alike, says Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Ambassador Aylin Pelin Onar. Named “Business Woman of the Year of Cyprus” and Coldwell Banker’s #1 Sales Professional of Turkey and Cyprus six years running, it’s safe to say Pelin Onar is familiar with the island’s real estate market and key players.

“Every property owner is special and each deserves a special approach,” Pelin Onar says. “It is very important in my business that I establish a sincere bond of trust with the buyer and seller. I take great pleasure in seeing them not as a customer but as a lifelong friend.”

Upward Trends

Pelin Onar’s hillside listing uses greenery, high ceilings and large windows to incorporate the island’s terrain into the home.

The breathtaking scenery, storied history, and vibrant nightlife are only part of what make Northern Cyprus such an appealing destination. According to Pelin Onar, the affordable prices, low crime rates and tax advantages in the region bring investors from all over the world. Not to mention, the return on investment is between 8-10 years with high rental income.

“The number of the foreign investors are increasing every year,” she says. “Of course, the article published by Forbes magazine in 2021 has an effect on this increasing demand. According to Forbes magazine, the world's best priced seaside properties are located in Northern Cyprus.”

As more investors have gotten wind of the affordable and unique opportunities in Northern Cyprus, there has been a rapid increase in demand post-Covid. Considering this growth and the fact that real estate prices will rise in coming years, Pelin Onar foresees that this purchase trend will continue to increase.

Remarkable Properties

In such a one-of-a-kind location, Pelin Onar feels lucky to get to work with some unparalleled properties. “I like working with properties that are uniquely defined,” she says. “The story of each property is special and excites me.”

Characterized by art, modern details and Mediterranean design, this villa is a rare find.

One villa, in particular, exemplifies the noteworthy nature of the homes Pelin Onar works with. Featuring an outstanding art collection with works from Damien Hirst, Salvador Dali and other famous Turkish artists, the 3500 m2 home merges Mediterranean architecture with contemporary touches. “Many details are designed and crafted only for this house,” Pelin Onar says.

This villa contains one of the most valuable art collections from Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst and more.

Attention to detail is a commonality throughout Pelin Onar’s listings, such as in this 4-bed, 4-bath villa. “Our property, which belongs to a famous architect in the field of modern design, was awarded in the best design category, again due to its details,” Pelin Onar says. “This villa also has an award-winning gourmet kitchen.”

The hillside villa’s award-winning kitchen overlooks the vast backyard and sea.

Complete with indoor gardens and koi ponds, the hillside villa showcases Northern Cyprus’ gorgeous natural landscape with an open layout and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea and mountains.

The modern seaside development will go on the market in December 2024.

Pelin Onar is also working with one of the most demanded settlements in Kyrenia, a city on the northern coast of Cyprus. The project, which consists of 26 different types of properties, will be complete in December 2024. Boasting unobstructed sea views, the modern villas will feature smart home systems, private pools and spa and sauna sections.


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