Decoding How Successful Entrepreneurs Think With John Kevin Lawson

| April 9, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


‘Thinking is a volitional act’, said Ayn Rand. A volitional act is an act that one is conscious of while doing it. A good example of a volitional act would be bungee jumping. You go into it with your own volition; your own accord. This act is unlike other everyday things we do without volition, involuntarily. An example of this is breathing. ‘Sadly, for most people, thinking, too, is an involuntary act.’ says Brand strategist and social media marketing expert, John Kevin Lawson. Here he shares with us three insights into the thought processes of successful entrepreneurs.

Organized Thinking

One of the fundamentals of a successful thought process is organization. If the mind is a closet, then thoughts are the contents in the closet. An organized closet is a helpful one. You can look and find things in it easily. A disorganized closet is a recipe for disaster, more so a disorganized mind. Successful entrepreneurs master their thought processes by controlling them and organizing them. They do not let their thoughts carry them away. They let their thoughts fly like a kite, but they firmly hold the string to reel their thoughts back. One way to check if the mind is organized is to keep a journal.

Suspended Judgment

Successful people are never too hesitant to pass judgment. They always take their time to keen observe before jumping to conclusions. Although many successful people make this look easy, this is not a natural trait and has to be cultivated with effort. Keen observation drives learning, innovation, and growth. And it eliminates errors that bad, insufficient, and inconsistent observations lead to.

Pursuit of Knowledge

Successful entrepreneurs are pursuers of knowledge. They never think that they know it all. If there is one thing they’re sure of, it is that there are many things they do not know of. This mindfulness of the presence of something bigger than all their success keeps them rooted and allows them to grow and flourish.

Success is not a destination. It is a journey. It is a reflection of our thoughts. If the quality of our thoughts is good, then our quality of life – personal, professional, and societal - will be good. This is the mark of true success, says John. And we agree.

Photography by: John Kevin Lawson