Dr. Humberto Palladino Shares Top 3 Insights for Plastic Surgeons New to Private Practice

| April 9, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Starting up a private practice as a plastic surgeon comes with many considerations that most newcomers fail to recognize. Dr. Humberto Palladino has been a practitioner for years and has spoken at such prestigious gatherings as The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas. He also has a long list of publications to his name and papers he's contributed to as a professional. His private practice was established in South Florida and is called Top Aesthetics. He recognizes many unspoken truths that new professionals who want to start private practices ought to be aware of. Having this insight is useful for new professionals since it makes them aware of what they're likely to face. Sadly, there isn't any trustworthy roadmap to success—only advice from those who have done it before. For those professionals' benefits, he offers some advice that they won't find anywhere else.

Don't Underestimate the Usefulness of Technology

Dr. Palladino believes that technology is the basis of a successful practice. His own offices use a proprietary patient management system that's fueled by AI. Using this highly sophisticated software suite, he has access to all the information about every patient he sees at his fingertips. This system allows him a more in-depth connection to the client, allowing them to have the personalization one would come to expect from a concierge service. Top Aesthetics is also engaged in developing a mobile app that Dr. Palladino hopes will help with patient interaction and the overall quality of visits with the clinic. He advises new entrepreneurs to experiment with new tech and push the boundaries. According to BCG, medical technology may be the latest emergent market.

Join Forces With Other Professionals

Dr. Palladino knows that trying to make it in a competitive field all on one's own is a fool's errand. He himself has done work alongside Dr. Salzhauer, among other social media aesthetic professionals, to get more coverage in their follower circles. Building a clientele relies on getting the word about the practice out to other people. Dr. Palladino advises that professionals look at social media as one of the best vehicles for reaching out to their target audience. Other doctors would be more than happy to team up if they get featured on other social media channels in return.

Don't Give Up

Probably the most crucial advice Dr. Palladino has for new entrepreneurs is not to throw in the towel, no matter how hard it gets. The goal of a plastic surgery practice shouldn't be solely about making money. It should be about improving patients’ quality of life. Even though it's a challenging field to get traction in, putting the patients’ best interests first gives a doctor an edge over the other professionals in the field. The road to success is long and hard but very much worth it. While Dr. Palladino’s journey from Argentina to America was grueling, it was the most rewarding thing he's ever done.

Photography by: Dr. Humberto Palladino