Experience History and Dine at The Home of Late Designer Gianni Versace, Villa Casa Casuarina

Riki Altman-Yee, Jen Karetnick & Luis R. Rigual | August 19, 2019 | Food & Drink


The ikura is just one of many precious bites in the tasting menu at Sushi by Bou.

Memorable dining experiences are not unusual in Miami, a city that thrives on wow factor, and dinner at Sushi by Bou hits the mark in this regard thanks to an unbeatable mix of location, presentation and food quality. Upon arriving at Villa Casa Casuarina, once the home of the late designer Gianni Versace, diners check in with the front desk attendant in the lobby, who hands them a key card and escorts them to what was once Versace’s bedroom, an intimate lounge marked by modern neoclassic lines that honor the mansion’s ornate architecture. This 500-square-foot space is where dinner takes place—not at a dining table, but at the four-seat sushi bar, a move that makes the meal both intimate and communal (if you’re a couple, conversation with the two other diners is all but guaranteed, although all four seats can be booked for one party). The hour that follows is an energetic omakase experience with bites that range from smoked lean tuna and ikura to uni and an impossible-to-resist Hokkaido scallop topped with lightly smoked charcoal salt, all atop golden-rimmed Versace plates. The chef answers questions. A sake flight is served in a variety of handmade Edo Kiriko glassware and sipped between the superior bites that seem to keep coming. Then, all too soon, supper is over... but the night is still young. After-dinner handcrafted cocktails at the breezy lounge overlooking Ocean Drive cap off the evening. And, just like that, Sushi by Bou just upped the ante on date night. 116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, 305.922.9195, sushibybou.com


Photography by: LIBBY VISION