Florida Pickleball Player Makes Remarkable Recovery After Knee Replacement by Renowned Surgeon, Dr. Richard Berger

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Florida Pickleball Player Makes Remarkable Recovery After Knee Replacement by Renowned Surgeon, Dr. Richard Berger

When Lisa Tamplin received a lymphoma diagnosis in 2012, she committed herself to a healthier lifestyle. After relocating to Florida a few years ago and embracing activities like she quickly became active by scuba diving, bike riding, and taking Pure Barre classes, she was determined to make the most of her life. While there, Lisa discovered the exciting world of pickleball and began playing three to four times a week.

Tamplin's active lifestyle took a toll on her knees, leading to persistent pain from overuse injuries. Despite her best efforts with physical therapy and cortisone injections, Lisa was informed that knee replacement surgery was her only viable option. Fortunately, a fellow pickleball enthusiast introduced her to Dr. Richard Berger, an internationally acclaimed hip and knee replacement surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush in Chicago, known for his expertise in minimally invasive joint surgeries.

Dr. Berger explains, "With its lower net and shots aimed at players' feet, pickleball requires a lot of bending. While gaining popularity among players of all ages, older individuals like Lisa often struggle with arthritis and knee pain, sending them down the path of joint replacement surgery."

Under the care of Dr. Berger, pickleball players of any age suffering from arthritic pain can rest assured knowing they are in skilled hands. Dr. Berger has perfected minimally invasive knee and hip replacement techniques that eliminate the need to cut muscles, ligaments, or tendons. By making a mere 3- to 4-inch incision instead of the traditional 12-inch incision, Dr. Berger's patients benefit from shorter procedure times, faster recovery periods, and reduced post-surgical pain.


Lisa shares her astonishing recovery story: "Just two weeks after my knee replacement surgery, I was back hitting the ball against a wall. One week after that, I was already playing on the pickleball court. I regained more mobility every week, and today, my game is better than ever."

Dr. Berger offers valuable advice to players returning to pickleball after hip or knee replacement surgery, emphasizing the importance of warming up properly and engaging in post-play stretching exercises. While the game may seem simple, the quick directional changes and low net height can exert unusual strain on the hips and knees.

Recognizing that half of his patients reside outside Chicago, Dr. Berger provides an unparalleled concierge telehealth program for hip and knee patients. Through his Elective Surgical + Telemedicine (BEST) Experience, patients can undergo pre- and post-surgical consultations from the comfort of their homes, minimizing travel requirements. The program ensures that patients only need to visit Chicago for an in-person meeting with Dr. Berger, followed by their surgery the next day.


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