From Parisian strolls to historic wonders, top real estate agent Vanda Demeure is selling more than a property, she's selling a lifestyle

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For over 20 years, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Ambassador Vanda Demeure has been one of the most influential figures in the French luxury real estate market. Named Coldwell Banker's #1 International Sales Associate for eight consecutive years, Vanda has achieved the highest sales volume ever for an agent in Coldwell Banker’s history in Europe.

With these credentials, Vanda Demeure works with buyers and sellers of some of the most prestigious properties in Paris, Monaco and beyond. From historic castles in the south of France to top-floor Parisian apartments, Vanda’s international clients trust her to bring them exactly what they’re looking for.

“My approach is just to really understand what is the most important to each different buyer,” she says. “The property should not only check all of their criteria, the property should evoke emotions. When they see it, they should say ‘Wow!’”

That French Feeling

This top-floor residence has a wrap-around terrace with 360-degree views of Paris.

According to Vanda Demeure, clients from all around the world looking for residences in France, especially in Paris, desire properties with a strong sense of location. They want to feel like they are in Paris—or the south of France, or wherever the property is located—when they’re inside their home.

“When you come to Paris, the apartment should be Parisian,” Vanda Demeure says. “In the morning, in your bed, when you open your eyes, you should see something, like the Tour Eiffel or Sacré-coeur, and think, ‘I’m in Paris. I’m not in Dubai. I’m not in Rome. I’m in Paris.’”

Completely renovated, this apartment embodies a sleek, contemporary design.

What creates that sense-of-place feeling? Walkability, view and, of course, location. When it comes to Paris, Vanda Demeure says the fifth, sixth and seventh arrondissements encompass all three of those things, along with some of the finest residences in France.

Similar for the south of France, buyers want to be able to see the sea and stroll through the narrow streets. “They want to feel that the property has the characteristics of the country they’re staying in,” Vanda says.

Rare Villas

Nestled in the gorgeous Provence countryside, this castle is one of the most historic places in Provence.

Vanda Demeure’s listings reflect this desire, and many of them are incomparable to other residences in Europe. One of the most unique and extravagant of Vanda Demeure’s listings is registered as a historical monument and is the largest medieval property in the Provence region of France.

Enlarged and renovated in the 18th century, Château De La Verdière holds over a thousand years of history. The chateau, which was once home to some of the most important noble families in Provence, houses around 50 stunning living rooms, suites and salons. Surrounded completely by walls, the 18,005,000-square-foot property contains a pool, pool house and a flourishing park adorned with rare species of plants and trees.

“It’s really very rare,” Vanda Demeure says. “When you buy this kind of property, you are buying a piece of history in France.”

The spacious rooftop of this private mansion overlooks Paris with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.

Two more current listings exhibit the Parisian allure that Vanda says is bringing clients from across the globe, particularly the U.S. “Everybody wants to have something in Paris,” she says. “People are buying typical French apartments in great historical areas just to feel the Parisian lifestyle.”

The first is a gorgeous private mansion located in the seventh arrondissement. Built in the 19th century by a renowned architect, the hôtel particulier consists of five levels, a rooftop, two spacious patios and a 120-square-meter garden.

The second listing is another extremely rare find in Paris—a newly renovated top-floor apartment. Bordered by terraces with panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré Coeur, the Bois de Boulogne, the Louis Vuitton foundation and La Défense heart and flooded with natural light, this apartment will definitely evoke that Parisian feeling.

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