How Fast Commercial Capital's Alternative Lending Can Accelerate Your Business or Real Estate Financing Needs

By Kacie Whitman By Kacie Whitman | June 5, 2024 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,


Business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate investors nationwide need financing options to propel their ventures toward success. Fast Commercial Capital, a privately owned, boutique private lender based in Coral Gables, understands the power of securing a significant investment and enables its clients to obtain fast, non-bank capital up to $300 million at lightning speeds.

While the U.S. economy fights inflation and lenders scale back their activities, Fast Commercial Capital rises to the challenge. Where traditional capital sources, such as banks, credit unions and conventional lenders, falter, this private capital provider fills the void by accelerating access to loans, sometimes within hours.

Small and mid-sized businesses, as well as real estate investors and developers, benefit from a one-stop shop for their financing needs. Don McClain, a finance industry veteran with over 30 years of experience and the CEO of Fast Commercial Capital, achieves favorable rates in a simple yet efficient manner for his borrowers that averages loan acquisition around 72 hours or less. “Whatever our client’s business goals are, we tailor an investment plan that best suits their unique objectives,” says McClain. Start-up capital is also within the realms of his expertise, as he adds, “We also welcome working with clients who may not have a business, but a dream.”

The lending revolution of Fast Commercial Capital spans areas of financial need. Small businesses can obtain working capital or SBA loan programs and more. Those in the realm of real estate can secure a myriad of fast-funding services, such as project financing and refinancing, new construction support and cashouts, as well as selling commercial property to this private capital provider through an acquisition and joint venture program.


Fast Commercial Capital operates offices in Miami, Austin and San Diego, ensuring an expedited delivery of financing solutions to clients, including non-U.S. citizens, nationwide. “With our vast industry network and state-of-the-art technology, we make loan applications and approval a seamless experience that anyone can easily qualify for,” says McClain. Be it a business poised for growth or an individual ready to invest in real estate, Fast Commercial Capital possesses the reach and expertise to get your financing project off the ground.

Just as this private capital provider prioritizes cultivating strong client relationships, these advisors additionally form strategic relationships with complementary companies across the U.S., including title, real estate, construction and architectural professionals. Those seeking to buy, sell or develop properties throughout South Florida will especially benefit from Fast Commercial Capital’s exclusive partnership with The Bertomy Group, a top-tier real estate brokerage firm spearheaded by Constantino Bertomy.

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