CBD Skincare: Why Brands Such as Lulu's Holistics Are Turning Their Attention to the Market

| April 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


It’s one thing to be a blind follower of trends, and it’s an entirely different thing to stay on top of industry development, if for no other reason than to avoid being trampled by change. The cosmetics industry is no stranger to changing tides—blink and miss the latest type of eye shadow, nail polish, or makeup style that’s all the rage around the world.

Things might move a bit more slowly in the world of skincare, but it’s still going through changes. While the emphasis seems to be more on all-natural brands such as Lulu’s Holistics, there are identifiable, overarching trends that skincare businesses simply cannot afford to ignore. CBD is one such trend, and even the aforementioned Lulu’s Holistics is looking for a way into the market.

What Is CBD?

Touted almost as the wonder drug of our age, CBD is one of the compounds found in hemp or marijuana. It stands for cannabidiol, and it’s not the thing that makes people high when they smoke marijuana.

It is a thing, however, that might help soothe pain, as well as help those dealing with depression and anxiety. At least, that is what a study says CBD is most commonly used for by the people who use it medically—a vast majority of its users.

In the United States, hemp-derived CBD is federally legal even though marijuana, or even marijuana-based CBD, isn’t. The FDA has been slow to adapt and approve medicine containing CBD, having done so only once in 2018.

How Does CBD Help the Skin?

As far as its use in skincare products, CBD seems to justify its treatment as the cure-all wonder drug, or simply the ingredient that’s good enough to find its place in many different skincare and beauty products.

Even the American Academy for Dermatology Association agrees that CBD shows promise when it comes to treating skin conditions ranging from acne and atopic dermatitis to psoriasis. However, it does raise the concern about the purity of the CBD used in skincare products, and that it’s become all too common to label products that either contain CBD in trace amounts or don’t have it at all as having CBD.

How Big Is the Market?

None of this has stopped the CBD market from flourishing. A couple of years ago, the whole CBD skincare market was valued at over $630 million, a number that’s expected to balloon to $3.4 billion in the next five years. People seem to find CBD products useful for more than just getting high. It seems to be getting a job done and taking care of what’s often a cause of embarrassment in people.

Having worked to create intimate care products as well as products for dealing with bumps, scars, and even chapped lips, Lulu’s Holistics knows all too well that their customers are always on the lookout for a better skincare product. Up until now, the business has managed to stay ahead of the competition by offering hand-crafted, all-natural products people can make in their kitchen. It’s left to be seen how well they’ll incorporate CBD into their offering.

Photography by: Lulu's Holistics