Meet Gabriele “Orangie” Leyva: Professional Gamer Turned Marketing Expert

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | April 4, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,

Photo Courtesy of Gabriele Leyva

The NFT industry has seen a boom in recent years. As these non-fungible tokens are becoming digital assets for creators and art lovers around the globe, more people are venturing into this space to monetize their creative skills. Gabriele “Orangie” Leyva, popularly known as Orangie, is an 18-year-old successful investor in the NFT space. At this young age, Orangie has become the torchbearer for other teens and youth motivating them to enter the NFT industry confidently.

Orangie started his career at a very young age with Fortnite, a free-to-play Battle Royale gaming platform. Born in Italy and raised in Miami, Orangie was always drawn to online gaming, and Fortnite became the right platform to use his natural skills. He shot to fame on Fortnite within a short time and soon became a professional video gamer on the platform. He has participated in numerous invite-only professional competitions by Fortnite.

At the peak of his career as a gamer, Orangie was listed among the top 100 players on Fortnite. He used his skills to make intriguing content on Fortnite that kept views hooked on his account. This eventually amassed more than 30,000,000 on his content and his follower base shot to over 700,000 in no time. After a successful journey in the gaming industry, Orangie shifted his focus to Web3 and its endless opportunities. He realized that Web3 is going to introduce opportunities to the digital currency market and NFT will be no exception.

With his newfound enthusiasm on Web3, Orangie ventured into the NFT and crypto industry, investing all his earnings from Fortnite. Since then, Orangie has never looked back. His initial investment with just 4 figures, and Orangie has currently increased his investment amount to a million and has no plans to stop. He has been to all major NFT events around the world, always learning something new to enhance his knowledge about the industry.

Within a few years, Orangie was able to have an insight into the industry. This helped him in making almost impeccable assessments on its evolving trends, hypes, and latest brands. With this knowledge, Orangie started a new venture in NFT marketing through social media. His gaming career had already earned him a strong social media presence and now Orangie is leveraging his popularity to become an NFT influencer. So far, he has successfully handled several NFT projects. He even collaborated with the famous bodybuilder Bradley Martyn on one of his projects.

Currently, Orangie has an extensive presence on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube with thousands of followers from different corners of the world. He usually shares his NFT moves with the audience to motivate them to invest in this industry. Orangie wants people to know about the benefits of investing in good NFT projects. Also, the young entrepreneur and investor is inspiring people to chase their passions. His love for gaming brought him initial success and his passion for Web3 is giving him the kind of financial freedom that people his age can only dream of.

Orangie is looking forward to working with some of the top NFT projects in the market and further scaling his career with the digital revolution that Web3 provides.

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