Open Roads, Open Minds : A driving experience with Porsche and Miami Magazine

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Famed architect, Kobi Karp, shares how he finds inspiration behind the wheel

Now more than ever we are looking for outlets of escape--a long run, a good book, a solo drive; perfect solitary moments of reflection that give peace to an uncertain and chaotic world. For Miami-based architect, Kobi Karp, his car serves as space for escape and a chance to connect with the beauty of Miami, the ultimate inspiration for his work.

“I love what the tropics do to people, how it brings people together, and how it creates opportunities for people to be outside more so than ever before,” said Karp. “The spaces we create, I believe, affect your social, your physical, your mental behavior.”

The sanctuaries that Kobi creates for clients around the world are similar to the sanctuary found in a car. The Porsche Cayenne provided the perfect driving sanctuary as Kobi took us on a drive from his Miami Beach home to his new office in Wynwood.

“I love to drive with people in the car, because it gives me the opportunity to share in their experiences,” said Kobi. “Different people see different things at different times, and it creates an opportunity for people to be together and to share the experience. I love that.”

From residential to commercial, uber-lux to ultra-modern; Kobi’s properties define the Miami culture and community. It’s the community aspect that Kobi loves when it comes to driving.

“My job provides me with the opportunity to do something completely different every day. Much like people, each one of our buildings is unique,” Kobi said. “They are made of similar components, but on the outside and the way the buildings behave are completely and radically different.”

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