PULSE Contemporary Art Fair

| November 21, 2011 | Calendar

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair is proud to announce its 2011 Miami edition. Located at the Ice Palace Studios, in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, the seventh edition of PULSE Miami will house 90 international exhibitors. With larger booths, more spacious aisles, and a new garden lounge, our visitors will enjoy an even larger slate of original programming in an inspiring atmosphere. The diverse roster of new and mainstay exhibitors hailing from thirteen countries present artists of all stripes. Masters, such as Robert Mapplethorpe, are on view at Galerie Stefan Roepke, Cologne as well as Vik Muniz in the booth of San Francisco’s Rena Bransten Gallery; while Tomlinson Kong Contemporary, the gallery recently established by Artware Editions, will feature the noted coffee table designed by Sol LeWitt, alongside works of wooden sculptures that resemble wrought iron, crafted by young American artist Christopher Kurtz. Also of note are a selection of drawings by enigmatic artist Henry Darger in the booth of first-time exhibitor Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York.

Other highlights include photographs by mid-career South African artist Pieter Hugo on view at Yossi Milo, New York, as well as those of emerging Vietnamese artist Dinh Q. Lê at Shoshana Wayne, Santa Monica. Luis de Jesus Los Angeles will present the abstract works of neurology-trained painter Heather Gwen Martin, which were particularly popular in the recent PULSE New York 2011. Berlin based first-time exhibitor WAGNER + PARTNER will present the first American exhibition of notorious artist Natascha Stellmach in the solo-artist IMPULSE section. Stellmach, who made headlines for her 2008 exhibition Set Me Free, in which the artist invited volunteers to share a joint rolled with the ashes of Kurt Cobain, will create an installation of paintings and images based on the ferocious response to the prior work, while inviting visitors to have her tattoo quotes from the reactions on their bodies.

The increased size of the fair has allowed for an unprecedented focus on the signature PULSE Projects program of installations and large-scale sculpture, with this edition providing perhaps its most ambitious offering to date. The sixteen works include a new installation from Jim Campbell entitled Exploded Views, courtesy of Hosfelt Gallery, New York. Related to a recent commission of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the installation will transmit analogue signals into throughout a sculptural trellis featuring more than one thousand LED lights to create patterns and images. Culver City based Mark Moore Gallery will present Josh Azzarella’s Untitled #125 (Hickory). Derived through a complex layering and editing process from the scene in The Wizard of Oz in which Dorothy is transported from Kansas, the 150 hour long video is among the longest experimental videos ever created. No less epic is Mac Premo’s The Dumpster Project, courtesy of Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, a 30-yard dumpster containing thousands of found objects the artist has assembled and collaged together into a single enormous installation. More subtle is German artist Michael Laube’s 22-11, an installation courtesy of Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin, in which the artist joins thin sheets of painted plexiglass into multilayered blocks, creating a myriad of potential perspectives and images within a discrete form.

PULSE Play>, the fair’s ongoing video lounge series, will be curated this year by artist Lucie Fontaine. Domesticity II, created with IKEA furniture, and reminiscent of the living room in the intro of The Simpsons, is a continuation of a trilogy of works that begin at the Prague Biennale 5 and will conclude at Marianne Boesky Gallery. On view are works by Ciprian Muresan, Daniella Isamit Morales, and Dor Guez, among many others.

The PULSE Committee will award the PULSE Prize, to an emerging artist of exceptional talent selected from those on view in the solo-artist IMPULSE section. The winner will receive a $2,500 cash grant, and the opportunity to design the limited edition tote bag provided to fair VIPs. For this edition, attendees will receive bags designed by PULSE Miami 2010 prize winner Jorge Díaz-Torres. Prior recipients include Eric Beltz, Chen Chien-Jen, David Ellis, Philip Gurrey, Alexander Massouras, Chris Natrop, OK Mountain, Emilio Chapela Perez, Duke Riley, and Travis Somerville.

PULSE Miami 2011 is brought to you in part by the following sponsors and partners:
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