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SkinLocal was founded by two of Miami’s leading female practitioners, both board certified physician assistants with over 25 years of combined experience in the areas of anti-aging, wellness, and dermatology. As industry leaders, Jennifer Martinez PA-C and Gina McLean PA-C are always searching for the latest and greatest to incorporate into SkinLocal’s practice, bringing state of the art, science-backed technology and techniques to every appointment. Offering innovative, research-backed treatments without the stuffy medical setting, SkinLocal is a skin care lover’s haven — a peaceful, boutique-style setting, with skin experts masterfully guiding you through your aesthetics journey.

At SkinLocal, we believe that confidence radiates beauty. That’s why all our treatments are intentionally designed to honor and preserve your unique, natural self. We believe there is no one beauty standard we should aspire to achieve — beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and complexions.


We believe this process of aging is not only natural; it’s beautiful. That’s why we don’t like the term “anti-aging,” but rather “aging gracefully.” That’s where the SkinLocal Method comes in: Together with our patients, we work to find the happy medium between the triangle of youth and the pyramid of age to help preserve and restore your features in a way that will leave you looking and feeling like your best version of you.

The secret to finding the right treatments for our clients is simple: conversation and observation. Before each procedure, our providers thoroughly assess your skin type, skin laxity, and overall features, while listening to your concerns and goals. Together, we create a customized treatment plan with top-line, scientifically proven products and treatments.

Whether you’re looking for a lunchtime pick-me-up Botox session with your girlfriends or a more involved procedure, SkinLocal is ready to enhance your natural beauty while making you feel right at home.

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