Social Media ROI: What Brands Can Learn from Anil Dobani's Approach

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 23, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Social media accounts for a significant number of hours spent on the internet daily. Companies have invested heavily in the market, exploring multiple channels for reaching out to clientele. However, less than half of investors claim to see a return on their investment with social media, according to Smart Insights. If it's such a coin flip of a methodology, why does it still see this much traction?

If done right, social media has the potential to make a profound impact on how businesses attract customers. How has Anil Dobani’s social media presence made such an impact on his business?


Reaching Out to the Right Channels
If one is aiming to use social media for consumer outreach, they need to know where their buyers' core demographic hangs out online. To have any success with social media, the channel one chooses should be the one where all of their customers will be. There's no one super-popular social media platform that branches to every possible demographic. More often than not, people will be shifting between one or more social media platforms, following their friends and acquaintances. Finding the right channel might come by chance, but research is a far more efficient option. Asking for feedback from existing clients is an excellent way to pick up social media details. Once someone has a target channel, it’s time to leverage the audience and produce quality content.

Case Study: Anil the Jeweler
Anil Dobani is a jeweler who has discovered the benefits of using Instagram to promote his business. He's been one of the early adopters of the platform, miles ahead of other jewelers. He started as an employee of another jewelry firm and quickly discovered he could develop a following on Instagram with the right kind of posts, and he started leveraging these views for the company alongside his own. Naturally, this attracted attention from other competing jewelers who hired him to start doing social media posting for them. Eventually, Anil found his niche and began to market specifically to a particular demographic, focusing on hip-hop-style jewelry and accessories.

With a follower base of over 28,000 people, Anil has made an indelible mark on the jewelry business. To gain followers and keep them engaged requires an understanding of what counts as excellent social media marketing. Anil's posts highlighted his industry but also ensured that he showed off his own knowledge in the field. Eventually, celebrities started approaching him as a knowledgeable source to acquire jewelry. These customers allowed Anil to turn his Instagram account into a business success.

What's Your Channel?
Choosing a social media channel is an essential part of doing business online. Companies that don't invest in social media miss out on one of the most effective ways to interact with consumers and get feedback on products. With so many channels to focus on, it's impossible to cover all of them. Instead, an individual should spend time pinpointing where their core demographic operates online and parallel them. With the right eyes on your product, your ROI for social media will be assured.

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