Hummus House, The Hummus Republic, Planning on Making Its Way to Florida

by The Hummus Republic by The Hummus Republic | July 29, 2021 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,


Florida is about to get a whole lot better with the opening of a new franchise, The Hummus Republic. With plans of infiltrating the Miami, Tampa, and Daytona area(s), The Mediterranean eatery, which has locations on both the East and West Coasts, is changing the way consumers can enjoy a healthy, yet authentic Middle Eastern meal. Think Chipotle with a twist. The restaurant has an “assembly line” feel to it. You begin with your base, and then move on to picking your hummus and spread (obviously, the most important part). You then pick your protein and unlimited toppings. Lastly, you top your custom bowl with the dressing of your choice. While known for their incredibly tasty hummus and custom bowls, The Hummus Republic has an option for just about anyone - from burgers to fries and chips.


While their menu items are enough to bring in the crowd, the founders of The Hummus Republic, who are originally from the Middle East, understand the importance of a true Middle Eastern dining experience. From the second you walk into an HR chain, you feel as though you quickly traveled 6,000 miles to the home of hummus. The feel of the establishment is modern, yet authentic. They are also extremely focused on sustainability. Do-gooders at heart, the eatery is huge on environmentalism and is committed to fostering a community that puts an emphasis on the well-being of its consumers and the product that they are ingesting. As of 2015, Hummus Republic is partnered with Global Impact Ventures in order to achieve its goal of raising the standard of "fast food".

The Hummus Republic is super unique in its process. The founders are extremely passionate about opening the door to franchisees who might not be from the business community. Their goal is to share their mission with groups of people from around the world. Their mission to expand is shown through their one-of-a-kind franchise owner list. From African American sisters in Santa Monica, California, to Brazilian immigrants in El Segundo, California, The Hummus Republic is set out to provide a home base for just about anyone ready to take on a business venture. It is important to the initial founders to have a global perspective while keeping the authentic, Mediterranean feel.

Be on the lookout for updates on Florida's newest restaurant chain. Be in the loop by checking out the eatery's socials and webpage!


Photography by: The Hummus Republic