The Workshop presents: "Secluded"

| October 12, 2012 | Calendar

The Workshop is proud to host the never before seen work of celebrated photographer and videographer, Jipsy Castillo. Known for her focus on the nuances of nightlife, “Secluded” showcases a different, darker side of Jipsy’s photographic range.

“‘Secluded’ is a body of work I photographed this year with the intention of creating a cinematographic look at a woman in the 1950s who has snapped after being taken from her fast city lifestyle and into a dull suburbia living,” describes Jipsy. “The woman slowly finds herself enraged with her life, as she begins feeling more alone as the months go by.”

The body of work conveys this sequence of events, portraying the life of a woman growing deeper into a state of despair. The imagery is dark, insinuating themes of murder, anguish and loss of identity. The ambiguity of the pieces leaves the observer questioning the woman’s current state-of-mind, motives and intentions

“Secluded” came together with the assistance of wardrobe stylist Jessica Bosch and is presented on digital print.


Photography by: