What Does It Mean to Educate the Whole Child?

Divine Savior Academy Divine Savior Academy | July 31, 2020 | Sponsored Post

Children, like adults, are whole beings. They grow and express themselves through play, laughter, problem solving, leadership, competition, curiosity, prayer, and--of course--fundamental skills like math and reading. Parents looking for a balanced approach to education that gives children a solid foundation for future success and happiness can look to Divine Savior Academy in Doral, Fl.


Divine Savior Academy’s philosophy is to educate the whole child. The Miami area private Christian academy intentionally focuses on five unique developmental domains: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual.


How do these 5 areas of development help children grow?

  • Cognitive development in children is best done in an investigative format. Students are eager to actively observe, interact, and experiment as they make sense of this world. These experiences build a strong cognitive foundation for life-long learning.
  • Social development is about working together. It is vital that children encounter a wide range of social experiences in early childhood and on. This is how they learn to work with others productively, as well as how to independently solve social problems that arise in interactions with their peers.
  • Emotional development means learning to manage and express emotions. Emotional intelligence is a life skill that must be intentionally fostered during the early childhood years. Teachers coach children in the language and skills they need to regulate their emotions and respond in appropriate ways. This continues in older grades through intentional reflection questions and modeling from teachers, coaches, and counselors.
  • Physical development is covered through physical education classes and competitive sports teams in the secondary school years. However, young children’s physical development is connected to all other developmental domains, therefore this area needs special focus in classrooms and playgrounds in early childhood and elementary.
  • Spiritual development gives children a deeper soul foundation. They learn the most important truth, that Jesus loves them, which can give them confidence, hope, and peace in life. Young children learn Bible stories and apply what they learn to daily life. Older children gather for chapel, daily devotions, and are encouraged in their personal prayer lives. “The most unique thing about them (the teachers) is the love of God they show to our children. You can see that in the way they teach, the way they work with our children...they are truly engaged” shares DSA parent, Sheril Wold.


The proof of this balanced approach to education can be seen in the thriving students and families at Divine Savior Academy. Alumnus, Lala Crespo describes, “DSA was a school that got to know me as a whole, from the principals to the teachers to the receptionist. Everyone gets to know you on a personal level.” The main goal of teachers, administrators, and parents at this school is to partner together to give students what they need to thrive as a whole child.


To learn more about Divine Savior Academy and their PreK-3 through 12th grade programs, visit DivineSaviorAcademy.com/doral. Scheduling a personal tour is the best way to learn more!


Photography by: Divine Savior Academy