What's in Asha Sue Elias' Beauty Cabinet

BY Luis R. Rigual | May 1, 2017 | Feature Features

Feeling and looking our best takes savvy and dedication. Just ask the three individuals in our health and beauty portfolio. Here, they reveal the products they swear by, the fitness regimens they follow, their nutrition musts and even a secret or two.

Yoga is a way of life for Asha Sue Elias, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I spent years teaching both Vinyasa and prenatal yoga at Green Monkey before I left to have my little ones, but I still hold periodic workshops for organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters,” says the mother of two. “I come from a family of yoga teachers and devotees, so wellness is in my blood.” She can say that again. Elias’ dedication to the Zen practice reveals a genuine appreciation for fitness and karmic enlightenment. “For the past five years, I have followed the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga lineage, which is an incredibly physically demanding practice rooted in tradition,” she says. “It’s perfect for Type A yogis because the style is completely goal-oriented. Poses are given one at a time, and the practitioner cannot move on to a new pose until he or she masters the previous one. Plus, it involves a fairly high level of intensity.” Those are clearly not the words of a Lululemon impostor. That same level of commitment applies to Elias’ nutrition habits. “I only buy organic and sustainable proteins, and healthy fats,” she says. “But I do believe in everything in moderation, so the occasional Visa 0-1 pizza or Shake Shack burger are fine.” She’s also particularly devoted to makeup and grooming products that embrace natural ingredients. “I use goat milk bar soaps from local vendors,” she adds, “but I also love some Dior and NARS as well.” In short, Elias’ overall mantra sums her up quite well: “As they say in ayurveda: Your health is your wealth.”


“I practice yoga at Ahana in the Design District. Dawn Feinberg, the owner, is a great friend, and she tapped my longtime teacher, Daylene Christensen, to run the program there. The studio is warm, beautiful and I always see friendly faces there.”

“The meal plans for my family are very carefully considered. I have an organic garden in my home that’s maintained by the farmers at Little River Cooperative. It’s very satisfying to source ingredients from your own backyard.”

“When I’m in need of pampering, I go to the Tierra Santa Healing House for a massage and some downtime in the hammam. It’s so peaceful there, and the therapists are some of the best I’ve had in Miami.”

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