A Year in the Life

| December 1, 2011 | Parties

Willy Wonka excess takes over at Soho Beach House’s first anniversary. Just a year after its opening, Soho Beach House is already a Miami Beach institution and, as such, the party for the hotel/club’s first anniversary was anything but understated. The birthday bash was as overindulgent as it gets with a Willy Wonka theme that took over every corner of the place. By the pool, female aerialists did their thing above heads as live performances by Locos Por Juana kept things musical at ground level. There was no lack of food or candy… or anything for that matter, not to mention Grey Goose cocktails that changed by the hour. Among those taking it all in: Sam Robin, Iran Issa-Khan, Nektar de Stagni and John Lin. Even Soho Beach House Manager Laurent Fraticelli got into the act, dressed up in full Wonka regalia. By the end of the evening, there was little inhibition left, with some guests even jumping into the pool—designer threads be darned. Photography by World Red Eye


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